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Account Manager

| Добавлено: 6 September 2021, номер: 891889
    Требования: Requirements:
    Experience in B2B account manager IT BRM for sales and marketing from 3 years;
    Practical knowledge of sales support;
    Experience with foreign clients;
    Subject Matter Expert; Proactive leader; Stress-resilient; Communicative; Positive-thinker; Empathy;
    Successful examples of sales support.
    Условия: The company offers terms of cooperation:
    Work on interesting international projects;
    Opportunities for vocational training and development;
    The ability to work remotely. If you decide to visit the office, sweets, delicious coffee, soft poufs, table tennis, a gym and a pleasant atmosphere are waiting for you;
    Work in projects using the most modern technologies;
    Official registration and salary. Salary, quarterly bonuses and bonuses.
    Ailet develops innovative technology, providing «Eyes in the store» for CPG brands and retailers by turning in-store images into insights. The data produced is extremely valuable as it generates a single source of truth for the physical world of Retail, allowing to manage sales process efficiency and effectiveness. We’ve found an incredibly strong product-market fit across global CPG brands.
    With our team and investors, Ailet is committed to continuing our success and facilitating growth. We believe there is strength in diversity so we hire skilled and passionate people from a wide variety of backgrounds.
    We want to add an account manager who is truly passionate about his job to our wonderful team in the fast-growing retail industry. Your main task will be as follows: - free up sales for new deals; - make sure customers benefit from our solution; - manage service parameters; - manage expectations. You will interact with foreign clients as well as sales teams around the world.

    Обязанности: Responsibilities:
    Account management
    Become customer’s advocate & escalation poin;
    Build relationships and collect feedback regularly;
    Ensure service is provided at sufficient level of quality;
    Manage relationships with all partners involved;
    Orchestrate overall billing and payments.
    Customer Success
    Understand customer’s processes;
    Make sure Ailet solution drives customer’s operational excellence;
    Conduct benchmarking analysis among trusted pool of clients;
    Consult customers on best-in-class processes and latest IR use-cases;
    Catch market trends and share it with Ailet R&D team (product managers);
    Conduct business review meetings with customers, obtain data for case-studies.
    Grow MRR through up-sell and cross-sell potential;
    Build yearly revenue plan for each entrusted customer and execute it;
    Ensure benchmarking level of customers retention;
    Maintain NRR (Net Revenue Retention) KPI at strongly positive level.

    Контактная информация:
    Ссылка на полное описание вакансии: работа-вакансии.рф/vakansii/account-manager?utm_source=avada
    Телефон работодателя: +7-977-788-05-89
    Email: rabota@работа-вакансии.рф
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